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About Scopus

Mount Scopus Memorial College opened its doors in St Kilda Rd in February, 1949 with 143 students.

Like the College's motto 'Chazak ve'ematz' - Be Strong and of Good Courage - its Founders engaged courage and strength to establish our first Jewish Day School amidst opposition from a community grappling with an influx of Holocaust survivors.

Their dream was to have a school where all Jewish children could attend, regardless of means, to learn of their heritage, to be proud Jews and dedicated supporters of Israel whilst understanding their role in Australian society. From the very beginning, our students' academic achievements have been held in high esteem.

As the College's popularity and reputation grew, so did the need for additional space and resources. In 1953 the College moved to larger premises on wide expanses of land in Burwood. Two junior campuses, closer to the Jewish centre of Melbourne, cater for our younger students. Today, as one of the most respected Jewish Day Schools in the world, it offers educationally enriching programs, dedicated staff and world class facilities.

And in line with the dream of all those years ago, the College continues to strive to provide a Scopus experience for all Jewish children.

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