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2018 Years 7-12 BYOD requirements

When purchasing a device you may wish to consider how the device will be used both in and out of school. For in school use we consider the minimum specifications (below) to be sufficient.

Acceptable Devices

  • iPad (iPad 4, iPad Air, iPad Pro, iPad mini 3 or above) running iOS 10
  • Mac laptop running macOS Sierra
  • Windows laptop running Windows 7 or above

Battery Life

  • 6+ hours

Internal Specs

  • Storage:
    • iPad: 16GB minimum, 32GB recommended
    • Laptop: 128GB minimum
  • RAM:
    • Laptop: 4GB minimum, 8GB recommended
  • WIFI:
    • Must be wifi enabled
    • 802.11ac WiFi connectivity strongly recommended (minimum capability 802.11n)
    • for iPad we recommend wifi-only to reduce cost and to ensure that internet access is filtered whilst on campus


    • We recommend purchasing a sturdy shell-case/cover to protect the device

    Other Requirements

    • Headphones (we recommend volume limited headphones to minimise exposure to loud music or sounds)
    • Hebrew alphabet keyboard overlay/stickers (laptops only)

    Other Recommendations​

    • An external keyboard for the iPad/iPad mini is not a requirement but rather a matter of preference
    • Camera/internal microphone

    Please Note

    • We strongly recommend purchasing an extended warranty (such as the AppleCare Protection Plan) and/or comprehensive insurance. Please note that student owned devices are not covered by the College’s insurance policies.
    • Students discounts may be available when purchasing devices (you may be asked to provide a Student ID card)
    • Please ensure that the device is clearly labelled with the student’s name