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Israel Uncovered - Adult Education Series


Join us over five incredible sessions, travel the length and breadth of Israel, from today back to the days of Abraham. You will learn how the land's typography has shaped Israel's history, culture and political development throughout the ages. You will also learn why Israel stands at the forefront of world-changing scientific, technological, agricultural and medical innovations.


Israel Topography

Each session will cover a different region and includes food that connects to that region.





We invite parents and grandparents within the Scopus community to register for a series of seminars to learn how the physical aspects of Israel’s land have had a tremendous impact on its historical, cultural and political development throughout the ages.





Ideal for those who have travelled to Israel and yearn to know more, for those who are planning a trip to Israel, or for those who just want to learn more from an inspiring eighth generation Yerushalmi, head of informal Jewish learning at the Smorgon Family Primary School, Erez Feinberg.



Dates: Tuesday 24 & 31 July; 7, 14 & 21 August, 2018

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