The College is governed by an Executive and a Council, the members of which work closely with the Principal on matters pertaining to school policy and philosophy. The role of the President and the Executive, as the central lay leadership body of the College, is to give direction and assistance to the professional leadership. They also represent the College in the community. The daily operational activities of the College are entrusted to the Principal and the Chief Operating Officer.

A number of committees assist with the direction and implementation of policy and the execution of projects. These include education, finance and building, among others.

The Council comprises parents and past parents who may be elected or co-opted for a specific period of time. An annual members’ meeting for all parents is convened in March of each year to present reports on all College activities and to elect members.

The College community appreciates the enormous commitment of the President, Executive and Council members who share their time, energy and expertise in the interest of the College's welfare.


President Mrs Amy Hershan 
Past President Mrs Lisa Kennett (LC)
Co-Vice Presidents Mr Russell Casper (LC)
  Mr Jonathan Tisher
Treasurer Dr Raphael Arndt
Parents' Association Co-Presidents Mrs Natasha Mymin
  Mrs Tali Steiner
Principal Rabbi James Kennard
Dr Sam Alter (LC) Mrs Helen Apelbaum Mr Cyril Ashton (LC) ז"ל
Mr Johnny Baker OAM (LC) ז"ל Dr Natalie Bassat Mr Reuben Benkel (LC)
Mr Marc Besen AC (LC) Mr Guy Biran Mrs Susan Boltin (LC)
Mrs Lyn Borowski (LC) Mr Rodney Brott Mrs Rachel Chrapot
Ms Lisa Farber Mr Ben Fisher Mrs Victoria Fleiszig-Marton
Mrs Agnes Freeman (LC) Mr Joe Gersh AM (LC) Mr Shane Goldberg
Mr Anthony Goldman Mrs Debbie Green Mrs Marie Hirsh (LC)
Mrs Ronit Joel Dr Errol Katz Dr Barry Kave (LC)
Mrs Monica Kempler Mrs Lisa Kennett (LC) Mr Steven Klein (LC)
Mr Ilan Kraus Mr Henry Lanzer AM (LC) Mrs Naomi Lenga
Mr Ben Morawetz Mr Greg Protektor Mr Paul Ramler AM (LC)
Mr Ilan Rimer  Mrs Elyse Schachna Mr Adir Shiffman
Mr Benjamin Slonim OAM (LC) Mrs Sharonne Slonim Mrs Roslyn Smorgon AM (LC) ז"ל
Mr Gary Starr Mr Aron Steg Ms Karen Stock-Schnall (LC)
Mr Garry Stock (LC) Ms Caroline Tait Mr Roy Tashi OAM (LC)
Mr Phillip Symons OAM (LC) Mr Philip Weinman (LC) Dr Ann Wollner (LC)
Mr Aaron Zelman    
LC: Life Councillors.    


President Mrs Amy Hershan
Co-Vice Presidents Mr Russell Casper (LC)
  Mr Jonathan Tisher
Treasurer Dr Raphael Arndt
Dr Natalie Bassat Ms Lisa Farber Mr Shane Goldberg
Mr Anthony Goldman Dr Errol Katz Mrs Naomi Lenga
Mr Gary Starr